Excellent VR Experience:

What an amazing product want to watch 3D movies or play 3D games!

With the google cardboard glasses, everything is within a touch away.

This item is compatible with both Android devices and  ISO smart phones.

The simplified and creative design lets you enjoy an immersive 3D experience.

Whether you are watching movies or playing games, you will get absorbed into the scene.

With fine workmanship and perfect details, the cardboard virtual effect can satisfy all 3D phone players.

Action is better than excitement, so take a move.


RIEM III Plus VR Headset Introduction

1.      Lens designed by Optical Doctor team of RITECH, with clear imaging and no any vertigo.

2.      Professional structure design suitable to the people with hyperopia or myopia glasses

3.      FOV is up to 72 degrees, reducing the  coefficient of imaging distortion and light leaking.

4.      Weight only 290G, 30% lighter than the products from other brands.

5.      Unique suspension head-belt design and super light weight distribute the headset weight to the strongest bone at forehead and greatly decrease the pressure to cheeks and other sensitive parts of head.

6.      Unique capacitive touch button, compatible with all Google Cardboard 2 games.

7.      Transparent AR window, no need to remove the cover.

8.      Peripheral sockets are designed for most usage of AUX port, data cable or charger.

9.      Available for smartphones with IOS and Android system and size from 4.7" to 6".





1. Material: High quality ABS 

2. Dimensions: 196*168*105mm

3. Package size: 198*174*108mm

4. Weight: 290g

5. Visual angle: 100%

6. Image definition: 99%

7. Screen size: 1050 inch

8. Lens: High definition aspheric surface (zero hurt to the eye)

9. Lens size: Diameter 33.5mm, thickness 5.2mm, focal length 65mm


1. Individual giftbox gross weight: 407g

2. 30pcs/Carton

3. 13kg/Carton

4. Carton size: 540*410*565mm