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VR Glasses: How we achieve excellent Design

First, we consider the dynamic relationship among the resolution of mainstream mobile phones, PPI, VR content, FOV and the virtual image position during the process of development. This helps us to decide a product developing direction. 

Next, during the optical research and development, we focus on solving the problems that may occur; such as the dispersion spot, distortion and other cases of lenses.


Then, we do a comprehensive analysis of our product’s features, including lightweight materials, adaptability for various types of phones, comfort, durability, maneuverability, etc.

We do this while keeping the customer in mind, by having the understanding of creating functional aesthetics, as well as being at the forefront of innovation in every generation of design language.

Finally, through careful, systematic evaluation, we maintain a sense of rationality, implementation, and security in all additional functions.


All this is the foundation of excellent design of VR.

Systematic Product Design Process

  • Following the scientific principle and rigorous experimental system in every aspect of product development.

  • All the initial parameter setting is based on the adaptation of mainstream products and the market estimate.

  • Optical design verified by ray tracing system.

  • The multi-stage testing procedure on industry design, structure and producibility.

  • Design derived from the Red Dot Design standard and combining ergonomic criteria.


Before delivered to your hand, our VR glasses with the scientific genes have to pass these five-stage developing process to achieve 16 evaluating indicators.

Therefore, our professional R&D team has established the systematic product design process, milestone testing procedure, the essential patent reserves, and continuing innovative design language.

This is the attitude that we build excellent VR Glasses.

Innovative Product Design Language

Every finished design is derived from the guide of S-E-T strategies.

After hundreds of abandoned design sketch, we extract every single shining design point and merge them to the new ones, and make the product to achieve the harmonious unity of the functionality, producibility and fashion.

So that, our products are filled with intelligence.

Expert-level R & D Team


The R&D team led by the chief optical scientists.

Cooperating with the Department of Optics of Tianjin University.

The optical and structural designers from top universities.

Ritech VR glasses production team make sure every product from Ritech has a comprehensive quality over other competitors.

Essential Technical Reserves

Since 2012, we started the investigation on VR, and never stopped

Over 20 national patents, covering inventions, utility models, and designs patents are the best provements.

Knowledge reserves are the guarantee of our technical strength whether on the present product or the future ones.

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